You know those people who constantly worry about the machine’s taking over and the incredible downfalls on reliance on technology.  Most just dismiss these people as overreacting!  Welp, as of this moment, I am officially one of those people.

Google, and it’s seemingly omnipresent reach, is no longer just content being a convenient tool on your computer or smart phone.  It now wants to be a part of your living experience – every minute of every day, if you’ll let them.  Google (x) is a division of Google that specifically works on long-term projects.  For years, the company has dreamed of a “hands-free, mobile Google, where search was a seamless process as you moved around the world.”  Now, it is taking concrete steps towards that goal, announcing “Project Glass, an augmented reality system that will give users the full range of activities performed with a smart phone — without the smart phone.”

When this all comes to fruition, the project may require the user to wear something that may look straight out of a sci-fi movie around their heads, but it may be as simple as what look like a casual pair of glasses.  All the perks of Google, from weather to directions to social networking to video chatting, could be done on the go – not through the use of a mobile device, but through your own eye sight.  Essentially, Google does not just want to be a useful tool for one to use, it wants to become a complete extension of the person itself.

Though it seems crazy, there’s a lot of science behind it that I don’t understand, an item like this could very likely one day be a reality.  It calls into question basic privacy issues (how do you respond when anyone you meet with a pair of eyeglasses could potentially be filming you at any time?) as well it brings about the question, how will the youth of tomorrow ever develop real, face-to-face social skills when everything they need pops directly into their fields of vision?

To me, it’s a very scary situation when technology and person become so intertwined, many steps further than what we’ve already seen with reliance on smart phones.  I personally use my iPhone for a whole lot of things, but having icons, news and video emerge directly in my line of vision?  I think we may want to slow it down a bit, Google.

For more information on the project and the people behind it, please check out this Wired article: Click Here

-The Cranky PaNda


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